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Anal Panopticon

A new series from Huw Lemmey

LimaZulu/ 16th December 2010

Limazulu invite you to our first art brunch, including a discreet meet and greet with the artist and a preview of his latest series ‘Anal Panopticon’. In this series of large scale posters the artist starts to construct a visual language where artistic practice squares up to the sad silence we hold in the face of pervasive Empire, and it's perverse and spectacular underbelly, the leftist heralds crying "resist!". Here Speculative Marxism girds it's loins at the prospect of the coming battle with the Relational Aesthetics of a defunct liberalism. Rather than ironic placards bearing popular culture references in order to provide a "cuddly face" to the birth of a post-political student movement, the artist offers an aggressive collection of works where the image, any image, regains it's political agency.

How can the image, held hostage in the context of contemporary art production, continue to pursue any sort of political agency? At what point does the autonomy of both image and artwork become self-imposed exile from the realm of social struggle? The private-view/dinner/negotiation cycle seemed like a guarantor of a certain degree of intellectual freedom within the context of cold-war dichotomies, but today the art-entertainment industry seems to have transfigured into something much more duplicitous. No longer a token bastion against political exploitation, artistic autonomy has become a stratified excuse to avoid all engagement with the concrete political struggle. ‘Politics’ becomes more and more an invite to a spectacle of deep moral vulgarity, like the doling up of soup to the hungry, a ‘comment’ to viewers based upon solemn helplessness in an authoritarian, nasty, tight little typeface.

This is not appealing to some liberal notion of inclusion/collusion with market forces and a constructed multi-kulti – NO! This is a call for conviviality and comradeship taking on all the strongest attributes of the current social uprising-DELEGITIMISATION OF ART-WORLD NEFARIOUSNESS! SELF-VALORISATION OF THE ARTISTIC DOMESTIC-COLLECTIVE! SPEED! DE-KETTLISATION! ULTRA-SHARP COMMUNICATIVE POTENTIAL!

The age of the fabricated super-hulk sculpture is gone — UNSUSTAINABLE!

The age of the willfully obscure notion-issue-concept is over — UNFORGIVABLE!

Today us kids play fast and loose with the image, offering short shrift to worthy intentions and instead using whatever comes to hand to build our language of free desire. If it works, it is ours!

Art Brunch– 9am-12pm Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided.

Open 9am–9pm for one day only

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