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Lets Go Outside


Ji-Ho Park
Vincent Ocasla
Cassie Leanne
Steven Cooper

Curated by Iain Ball, Emily Jones and Ben Vickers

Press Release:

With the rapid rise of the prosumer, we have collectively witnessed a paradigm shift to the entertainment industry, activating a transformation for the way in which we consume all forms of media. The notion of analogue interaction with television and old media being relegated to an absurd and relatively short period in our recent history.

With the ease of production and distribution being reduced to a few clicks of the mouse, media outlets have shifted their role to the mere gatekeepers of content, that as audience and producers we so readily provide.

We now experience a seemingly infinite wealth of visual stimulation, even in a state of accelerated consumption, we are incapable of imagining its totality. As a natural reflex to the vastness of this information, we see the emergence of a new age of tribalism. Throughout the virtual expanse of cyberspace, we chance upon and participate within, enclaves of specialism, executed through the immaterial labor of amateur producers globally. From the cancerous memetic assembly line of 4chan to the totalitarian city of Magnasanti created by Vincent Ocasla, we experience a stream of creation that goes beyond the term 'outsider digital arts'.

Throughout these communities, even as outsiders stepping inside their walled gardens, we begin to identify unique colloquialisms and subtle glimpses of hierarchies within individual groups. Governed by disparate qualities, ranging from the number of posts made to a particular message board to the closed positive feedback loops of peer group interaction. We attempt to decipher the abstract communication that has evolved in each bubble, with the rationalism of our own tribal language, like a cultural tourist or new world anthropologist we can only begin to digest the forms we unearth daily.

It is on these foundations of exploration that 'Let's go outside' sets out, the exhibition defines it's own tribal tourism to an outsider community which often acts as the life blood and inspiration for the emergent new wave of internet aware art. Through this lens we mark out the terrain of the exotic other, attempting a definition of autonomy that is beyond our own rarefied tastes.

PV Thursday 9th December 2010, 7pm-10pm
Then Friday-Sunday, 12pm-6pm
Please call ahead 02088007428