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Unit 3J, Omega Works, 167 Hermitage Rd, N4 1LZ

Baldwin's Nigger/Take This Hammer (Double Bill)
7pm Wednesday 10th November

Limazulu presents a night of films featuring the American novelist, playwright and poet James Baldwin, including a talk by London based writer Michael Harding. "Take This Hammer" (1963) is a rare documentary shot early in the civil rights era in San Francisco. Baldwin leads the camera around the city, highlighting the massive discrepancies between it's liberal reputation and the institutional discrimination faced by it's black citizens, often refugees from the explicit racism and segregation of the Deep South.

Shot in a vérité style, Horace Ové's film "Baldwin's Nigger" (1969) is a record of the author addressing The West Indian Student Centre in Kensington in 1968, at the height of opposition to the Vietnam war, and wider insurrection against capitalism. In an engaging, complex and moving speech, Baldwin analyses the difference between British and American black consciousness, the psyche of modern America, Vietnam and the role of the White Liberal in the civil rights movement.

LimaZulu is an artist-run project space in Manor House, North London.
Unit 3J, Omega Works,
167 Hermitage Rd, London N4 1LZ